We are a company that specialises in platform as a service, bioinformatics pipeline development, insights generation, machine learning R&D, statistical models and visualisations for a wide range of local and international clients.
We build software frameworks and analysis pipelines for organisations such as the International Cerebral Palsy Genetics Consortium (ICPGC), Genie.Us Genomics and Headsafe and their NuroChek system. These hold, analyse and distil knowledge out of high dimensional biomedical data sets.
Other work we do involves leveraging our team’s analytics capabilities, whether it’s data processing, building a snappy dashboard or using state of the art machine learning and AI techniques — we love it all. People we’ve worked for or continue to develop for include White Box Analytics, Greater Data, Allwright Analytics and RXP.
We make data speak your language. Since your main customers are in your data, we use the best tools so you can get the best out of your data.


Pacific Analytics built the CP commons platform prototype (https://icpgc.org/) with the goal of advancing a common infrastructure of genomics and clinical data, and harmonising approaches to enable effective and responsible sharing of genomics and health-related data. As well as production bioinformatics frameworks for multiple NFPs and commercial entities.
We assisted GenieUS with their bioinformatics software development and analysis which in turn facilitates the flexibility and speed that was required. GenieUS is a restless pirate organisation that is trying to find inroads into neurodegenerative disease, specifically Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Motor Neurone Disease (MND).
The Pacific Analytics bioinformatics production and pipelines have been acquired by GenieUs. We look forward to building the best integrated genomics platform in the world with this new deal"


Boris Guennewig
Boris attained a PhD in Nucleic Acid Research & Medicinal Chemistry from the ETH Zurich and worked in the field of Immunology at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, Germany. Alongside being the founder of Pacific Analytics, he currently holds a Senior Lecturer position in the field of Medicine at the University of Sydney and heads the Bioinformatics of the ForeFront Research Centre.
Lina Bergefall
Project Manager
Lina is a senior project and release manager with experience in managing global projects of 100+ people. As the Project Manager for Pacific Analytics she now ensures the team is running in scope and on schedule. Fun fact: Lina has a keen interest in hipster beer which led to her first job in finance.
Zac Davies
Data Scientist
Zac graduated with First Class Honours in a Bachelor of Science majoring in Genetics and Molecular Biology. He has spent the last two and a half years before coming to Pacific Analytics as a Data Scientist in a health consultancy working on projects to positively impact the Australian health system. Fun fact: Zac currently does not believe in fun facts.
Geeta Obireddy
Solutions Analyst
Geeta consults in the space of innovation strategy, customer centricity, product delivery and their interdependencies with speed to market. Currently the Solutions Analyst, Geeta ensures Pacific Analytics is always running smoothly.
Lindsey Crowe
Business Analyst
Lindsey has 10 years of experience in software delivery across a range of industries, playing the roles of developer, business analyst and scrum master. He helps bring the visual side of our solutions to life by developing user interfaces and interactions to delight our customers. Fun fact: Lindsey can often be found out in the waves, surfing anything from a chunky 9'3 longboard to a hand-board.
Scott Youlten
Science Lead
Scott is a molecular biologist, geneticist, bioinformatician. He is currently completing a PhD utilising next generation sequencing technology to understand the landscape of genes expressed in the skeleton, and how this transcriptome changes in skeletal disease. Scott directs the scientific scope and visions for the Pacific Analytics team. Fun fact: Scott is a keen swimmer and surfer.
James McCallum
Software Engineer
James is a software engineer with a focus on infrastructure. He has more than 10 years experience in various roles across technology from security to IT to web development and working with startups. James assists the Pacific Analytics team with infrastructure development and software automation.
Laura Bourbon
Laura started her career as a Bioinformatician working at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. She then added statistical knowledge at Macquarie University where she managed a huge collaborative project on biomarkers discovery for ALS disease. Fun fact: her video gaming skills are as impressive as her career.